The Eawy Forest and its pedestrian pathsThe Eawy Forest and its pedestrian paths
©An autumnally decorated path in the forest|Pierre Leboucher

My Autumn spots

Autumn in Terroir de Caux is a good opportunity to practice slow tourism! Far from the hustle and bustle that reigns in the middle of summer, we take the time to breathe in breaths of fresh air mixed with sea spray or earth while treading sometimes the pebbles, sometimes the leaves that the season gently deposits on the ground.

Let me introduce you to my spots for zen moments and landscape richness!


The Beach

Between sports activities and meditation

At this time of year, the beach of Quiberville is deserted of its bathers. You are left with nature and the immensity of the cliffs on either side of the vast pebble beach at high tide, but also with a vast expanse of sand at low tide, for you alone. And what a privilege for me during the lunch break, to be able to walk along the promenade listening to the waves, and to observe the changing colors of the sea according to the sun and the clouds. Sensations guaranteed! If a kite has fun there, the show is complete!


The Eawy Forest

Walking in the leaves

Who says autumn says walks in forest! And in our region it is the Eawy massif that opens its paths to you. This national forest is crossed on 14 km by the curious Limousin path, a straight line partly drivable. Our 17 km loop “La Varenne et l’Eawy” allows you to have a good walk. It is one of the most beautiful beech forests in France, and it shelters no less than 5 remarkable trees! My favorite, the Père Antoine, a hundred-year-old beech tree with an amazing circumference and height!

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The banks of the Saâne

Between natural and historical heritage

To listen to the sounds of nature as it prepares for winter, there is nothing like a path along the water. The banks of the Saâne have the advantage of being bordered for a large part by the GR®212. And the best sport along this very nice path is for me the section that allows to pass behind the castle of Coutûre in Imbleville, and particularly at this season! And as Confucius would say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look:


Along the roads, looking up

And yes, why not? As part of my work, I often travel the roads of the Terroir de Caux. This allows me to enjoy the landscapes. Just yesterday, the changing colors of a stormy weather gave on the plain and the wooded massifs dazzling colors! Under a black sky, the sun was shining on the yellow and orange leaves of the surrounding woods. I didn’t find a roadside to park and take a picture but this one taken by our photographer Pierre Leboucher last year will give you a glimpse of what we can admire here now:


In the public garden

Listen to the birds singing

The Auffay public garden is a very pleasant green lung in the heart of a town on the banks of the Scie. You arrive by the train station or by the town hall square and find yourself transported into a natural setting!

On Friday mornings, it is the ideal shortcut to escape the crowds of the weekly market, which is by the way very nice. Did you know. It is dedicated to an iconic Altifagian personality who won the hearts of the French during his mission in space, astronaut Thomas Pesquet. It is also classified by the League for the Protection of Birds. My advice, go there on Friday for lunch, stop by the Cuisine Street food truck to grab a burger with local and seasonal products, and sit on a picnic table for the tasting. I bet you can already see yourself there!

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Here we are, a small list of simple pleasures to enjoy the autumn in Terroir de Caux ! And you, your autumn spots, is it rather sea, paths, on the road or on a bench listening to the birds ?


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