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My favorite autumn hikes

Fall is a great season for outdoor enthusiasts. Not only does the weather still offer us nice rays of sunshine and fairly mild temperatures, but nature also starts to adorn itself with gradations of colors that delight the eye and the lens for photo enthusiasts! And the Terroir de Caux does not lack spots in this matter! As a proof, here are the itineraries that I particularly like to follow in autumn !


The Bracquemont Woods on foot

Start : Church of Saâne-Saint-Just
Distance: 9 km / 2h15 on foot
Loop number 19 on the map of hikes in the Terroir de Caux

As its name suggests this loop crosses the Bois de Bracquemont, located on the municipalities of Saâne-Saint-Just and Saint-Laurent-en-Caux, on a large part of its 9 km. A landscape that alternates between the village of Saâne-Saint-Just and its pretty mill path, the plain where it is not uncommon to come across a few pheasants, and the small forest massif and its wooded landscape that in this season offers a varied palette of colors!

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From the Saâne to the Vienne by mountain bike

Start : Brachy town hall
Distance : 23.5 km / 2h15 by mountain bike
Loop number 15 on the map of hikes in the Terroir de Caux

Why not enjoy the autumn scenery by bike? Mountain bikers, this loop is made for you! And why test it in autumn? First of all, for its paths, admit that mud doesn’t scare you, and even that your wheels like puddles! On this itinerary, you will ride on dirt roads and some small rural roads between the GR 212 and the Vienne valley. For its landscapes then, since between the two valleys you will have view on some superb panoramas, which in this season are only more majestic !

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Montigny on foot

Start: Town Hall of Les Cent-Acres
Distance: 6.5 km / 1h45 on foot
Loop number 6 on the Terroir de Caux hiking map

An almost entirely wooded loop that crosses the Bois du Vieux Montigny, the Bois des Cent-Acres and the Bois de Caule along the GR du Chasse-Marée that runs along the Scie valley, nothing like treading on the yellowish and reddish leaves that are starting to litter the ground! With its low mileage, it is moreover of a level accessible to the not accustomed walkers. The small plus, by its numerous wooded parts, if you go in the morning or at calm moments of the day, you have strong chances to cross some deers, squirrels and other birds hosts of the places!”

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The path of the Saâne

On an all-terrain electric scooter

Start: Quiberville-sur-Mer Beach
Distance: 12 km / 1h approximately by all-terrain electric scooter
Loop number 12 on the Terroir de Caux hiking map

This is the novelty of the 2021 season with the installation of Wolftrott in Quiberville-sur-Mer, but did you know that the activity of renting all-terrain electric scooters continues in the fall? And wouldn’t it be nice to be able to enjoy this gentle mode of mobility in all seasons? To ride through puddles and muddy paths with a view of the valley and its blushing vegetation? Well, Wolftrott has done it for you and is open for reservations in the off-season! And since they have good taste in paths, they offer you our loop of the Saâne path (in the opposite direction). You just have to opt for the one-hour walk formula at 36€ to enjoy this route!

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The Crapaudiere on foot

Start : Muchedent town hall
Distance : 9 km / 2h15 on foot
Loop number 25 on the Terroir de Caux hiking map

This is our brand new loop, freshly marked, that I propose you to discover to finish this top 5! This 9 km itinerary will take you through the Forêt domaniale d’Eawy, to meet the remarkable trees, and will offer you beautiful views
over the Varenne valley. This forest is one of the most beautiful beech forests in France, no need to tell you that in terms of autumn colors, you will be served! Obviously I advise you to take advantage of your presence in Muchedent to visit the Canadian park Rêve de Bisons, and why not even finish the day there on the occasion of a wolves’ nocturne or a deer bellowing evening? A seasonal must-see!

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