Path in the undergrowth in ImblevillePath in the undergrowth in Imbleville
©Route 21 to be done by mountain bike or on foot|A.beauvois

Top 5 refreshing places

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The hot days also sometimes reach Normandy! Here are our spots to shelter from the heat when the summer gets too heavy on the Terroir de Caux!

Departure of Longueville hikesDeparture of Longueville hikes
©At the start of our loops in Longueville-sur-Scie
By Juliette

Seasonal seasons 2019 and 2020


The Collegiate Church of Auffay

a case of freshness

Take advantage of the warmth to meditate in the Collegiate Church of Notre Dame d’Auffay.

Temperatures are always cooler in churches, it’s well known!
This is also an opportunity to discover the Jacquemarts: Houzou Bénard and Paquet Sivière, the two 18th century automatons that ring every quarter of an hour and punctuate the life of the Altifagians.
A sound tour is also available inside the building in four languages: French, English, German and Spanish and will allow you to learn more about the history of the building.



The Eawy Forest

Under the trees

For those who want to stay outdoors but not in the sun, the Forêt d’Eawy is for you!

Many trails wind their way through this bower of vegetation, where the sun’s rays are repelled by a thick cushion of leaves allowing a light, refreshing breeze to pass through.

Before heading into the forest, take a picnic break in Saint-Germain d’Etables. You can sit by the pond or the Varenne under the trees.

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The Marsh of Longueil

Feet in the water

Relax yourself on a bench on the banks of the Saâne River in Longueil.

A small, shaded path invites you to discover this wetland area crossed by the river.
You may feel the scent of wild mint tickling your nose.
This natural area contributes to conserving biodiversity while enhancing the marsh through a small, quiet and restful walking area. Different species of flowers or living beings can be observed such as dragonflies, amphibians or many species of birds…

You can refresh your feet at the boat ramp.


Descent in canoe-kayak

Enough to splash around without flinching!

For the more adventurous, take advantage of this heat peak to venture out on the Varenne during an outing aboard a kayak! Kayak rentals are available from Auffay on the Scie or Muchedent on the Varenne, it’s the perfect activity to (re)discover with family or friends, the landscapes of the Terroir de Caux from your boat by defying the water current!



Quiberville Beach

A small but striking dive

To finish, we simply advise you to come and take a dip in Quiberville! Indeed, despite the small breeze always present on the seaside, the thermometer wavers between 25 and 30°C (if not more) with a feeling often much higher. The water temperature varies from 13 at the beginning of the season to 20°C in the summer, enough to discourage some but believe it or not whether it’s high or low tide, this bath will do you the world of good!

Bring your umbrella all the same, as shade is scarce on the beach and avoid the hottest hours!!

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