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©France, Normandy region, seine-maritime, terroir de caux, Quiberville-sur-mer, ecotourism festival|Gilles Targat

A seaside resort on the Alabaster Coast

The architecture of Quiberville-sur-Mer will take you from seaside villas to fishermen’s houses. With its sandy and pebbled beach, you will find all the charm of the small seaside resorts of Normandy and what to enjoy the local soil and water activities and swimming with the tides!


Seaside resort since 1895

Prized since the 19th century with the advent of the Sea Baths in Dieppe, the commune of Quiberville-sur-Mer was equipped to become a true seaside resort in 1895. Bathing establishments, cabins, hotels, small houses for rent and local shops flourished on the beach, and the fishermen’s houses were surrounded by sumptuous seaside villas such as La Rafale, which you can see on the way up to the village. Tourism in Quiberville was born, and will develop until today, where the resort still benefits from its notoriety, dynamic with its nautical activities, gastronomic with its land both rural and maritime, and ideal to recharge your batteries in the quiet of the Norman countryside.

Green vacation resort

Quiberville-sur-Mer is committed to ecotourism! Labelled as a Green Holiday Resort, the commune offers you nature vacations with a varied ecotourism offer, 2 hiking loops, 1 cycling loop, direct access to the Véloroute du Littoral and proximity to the Véloroute du Lin, and events that respect the environment.

The cliffs of the Alabaster coast

Don’t forget to raise your head to enjoy the splendid show that our cliffs’offer! On one side the whiteness that gave its name to this coastline, the Alabaster Coast, and on the other the Cap d’Ailly where the brown of the clay is mixed with it. At their feet, the famous pebbles shaped by the rolling of the waves from layers of flint detached from the chalk during past landslides. The ideal space for a picnic break, or to simply sit and contemplate…

Hiking in front of the sea

For the more active, these preserved natural spaces will also be the ideal pretext for your hikes or bike rides: along the sea, on the GR 21 which through woods, villages, and countryside, will offer you in places superb panoramas from the top of the cliff, along the meanders of the Saâne, this small coastal river that ends its course at Quiberville to join the English Channel, or on one of our many marked loops that will take you inland.

Running the GR21

Hike at low tide

Le Chemin de La Saâne

The Quiberville Walk