Return of fishing QuibervilleDories on the beach of Quiberville
©Dories on the beach of Quiberville

The people of the sea

In Quiber, as we say here, everyone is impregnated by the sea… Immersion in the heart of a typical fishing village of the Ablâtre Coast.

The Quiberville Fishermen

Every morning in season, a unique spectacle is played out on the beach of Quiberville, a spectacle not to be missed. It’s the traditional hauling of boats to the tractor for the fish market. These small, flat-bottomed boats are called Doris. Traditionally made of wood, and used in the 19th century by the ships that left to fish for cod on the banks of Newfoundland, particularly from Fécamp (the famous Terre-Neuvas), they were quickly used for coastal fishing by local professionals. Replaced at the beginning of the 20th century by trawls in the ports, they will remain in use in the villages of the Breton and Norman coasts, as is the case in Quiberville, the lighter aluminum having replaced the wood.

The fish market

There are still three professional fishermen in Quiberville, who you will see setting up in the early morning on their stalls. Guaranteed freshness and a chain that couldn’t be shorter! Don’t hesitate to ask them for advice on preparing your dishes! And if you don’t feel like cooking, go to one of our restaurants that very often get their supplies on the spot!

In season and on weekends you will also find on the fish market the oysters of Veules-les-Roses and the possibility to compose your seafood platter at the Cabane Albâtre & Caux.

Boating and fishing

Fishing here is also boating. The boaters’ association organizes a contest every year and in November the traditional herring roast to taste the hareng of canoe.

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And who says beach says fishing on foot, preferably at high tides! They’ll give you a front row seat to flush out what you need to fill your basket in the rocks!

Experience the high tides

Festival of the Sea

An event not to be missed in Quiberville

As in many towns and villages along the coast of the Côte d’Albâtre from Le Tréport to Le Havre, the maritime imprint is celebrated here. Every year in summer is held the festival of the sea. After the mass in the church, the program includes the blessing of the boats, specially decorated for the occasion, and the laying of flowers at sea. A traditional festival that attracts many spectators!

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