The ponds of Saint-GermainThe ponds of Saint-Germain
©view on the ponds, ideal spot for fishing|Sma76 A.beauvois

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With 300 kilometers of marked trails, the Terroir de Caux is a land of hiking par excellence. 25 marked out loops mark out our territory on both sides of the Scie and Saâne valleys. Get our hiking maps, download our geolocalized applications and go for beautiful discoveries along our paths!

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The marked hiking loops of the Terroir de Caux, offer you walking tours from 6 to 24 km according to your desires, and cycling and thematic loops. Click on the title of the loop to download your road book!

Hike smart!

You are not paper ? Finding your way on a map is not easy? Don’t panic, we have the tools you need! The hiking loops of the Terroir de Caux appear on several geolocalized mobile applications. Download the application, geolocalize yourself and follow the GPS of your smartphone! For more comfort and security, you can even record your itinerary to avoid depending on the quality of the internet network.