Passage over the Saâne riverPassage over the Saâne river
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The GR 212

Stretching over 70 km from Quiberville to Duclair in Seine-Maritime, the GR®212 hiking trail crosses a large part of the Terroir de Caux, from its beach and all along the Saâne valley.

In the valley...

A coastal river about forty kilometers long, the Saâne has its source in Val-de-Saâne, in the hamlet of Varvannes where the Saint-Sulpice fountain stands. It is joined at Gueures by the Vienne, a 15-kilometer river that originates her in Beauval-en-Caux, and ends its course by flowing into the English Channel between Quiberville-sur-Mer and Sainte-Marguerite-sur-Mer.

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The Saâne is a valley rich in landscapes, crossed by villages with a varied heritage, from old hydraulic works such as mills to the typical rural farms of the Pays de Caux.

The industrial activity linked to the river has left some traces in the landscape, such as the old dairy of Royville, the factories and the working-class district of Brachy or the old power station of Ouville-la-Riviere. An activity linked to the presence of a railway line from 1912 to 1947, served by the Tortillard, of which you will also come across some remains, such as old stations. The plateaus are dedicated to agricultural activity, and the lower valley offers you landscapes of open nature, meadows and marshes, as in Longueil.

Do not miss the architectural nuggets of the Saâne riverbank such as the Château d’Imbleville or the Manoir de Gourel.

To each his own

By roaming or by the marked out loops

The GR®212 can be traveled in its entirety, or in sections by taking advantage of the marked loops of the Terroir de Caux, which allow you to discover the entire Saâne Valley.

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