Quiberville View From Gr21 ©p. LeboucherQuiberville View From Gr21 ©p. Leboucher
©Quiberville View From Gr21 ©p. Leboucher|Pierre Leboucher

I tested for you the GR 21, the cliff path!

If you like hiking, then you’re in the right place! The Terroir de Caux is full of hiking trails just waiting for you. Learn more about the GR 21 and discover my feedback on this crazy adventure.

Practical information
  • Route : 190 km
  • Duration : ≈ 10 days
  • Scapes encountered : Beaches, valleys, woods, plains, fields, cliffs
  • Markings : White and red lines
  • Departure : Le Tréport station

The GR is great 😉


The GR 21, what is it?

The GR21 is a 190 km long Great Hiking Trail along the Normandy coastline, also known as the Alabaster Coast. This itinerant hike starts in the city of Le Tréport and ends in the city of Le Havre. It follows the coast from Le Tréport to Etretat and enters the land to reach Le Havre. If you are not a fan of hiking over several days nothing prevents you from putting a car at each end of the section you want to do or make a round trip, everything is possible!

Your route

At 20 kilometers per day, it will take 9 days of walking to complete this hike. Don’t panic! You will find on the way what to supply you and campsites to pitch the tent, you are released in the middle of nature but not completely either! Of course you can adapt the duration of this hike to you and your abilities, the goal being to live this experience and this beautiful adventure with pleasure and not to suffer for 190 km!

Like all the GR in France, the path is marked with white and red markings, look for the slightest stone can be useful to help you find your way, it would be a shame to do 2… 3…. or 4 km on the wrong path… I speak from experience…


Breathtaking scenery

What could be more impressive than being able to observe the incredible landscape of the Normandy coast from the top of the cliffs? It’s a wonderful sight to behold, seeing the endless expanse of the sea on the horizon, that feeling of freedom that immerses you when you’re on the highest point of a village (or town), the discovery of little coves and beaches just known by a dozen people. I really felt like I was rediscovering my beloved Normandy.

And besides! Who said that it rained all the time and that the sea was not turquoise blue in Normandy?

I’ll let you judge for yourself with these few photos, and without filter of course! Our region is so beautiful that the GR21 was even elected favorite trail of the French in 2020, you didn’t know that huh? So, what are you waiting for to come and see it with your own eyes?

So, are you convinced?

If so, I invite you to try this adventure, and for that I advise you to prepare well, physically and even in terms of equipment. It is important to leave well equipped to avoid injury and to make it comfortable for you, as far as possible.

If you want to train, you can test our 25 loops of hiking and to go a little further do the GR 212 and 210, a good training for roaming walking!”

See you soon on the Terroir de Caux!