Collegiate Spire from the SawCollegiate Spire from the Saw
©The collegiate church is visible from many places in Auffay|Pierre Leboucher

I present you the Rando Azimuts et Caux !

Want a little hike that combines fun discovery and family time? It’s here, I propose you 7 km to discover Auffay and its surroundings !!!!


Auffay has a magnificent heritage, between its collegiate church, its woods, its hiking trails, its castle, its market which makes it a lively town. Discover a little more about Auffay and its richness…


The compass will be your guide!

During this walk, plot and follow your route according to the given azimuths. This walk will take you for 2 hours on a 7 kilometer route.

To do this route you will need to help yourself with a compass, a map and azimuths. You will have to plot your own course by steering with the compass, like a great explorer’s adventure. And yes! You will not have any maps to help you!”

To complete this course two solutions are available to you: either prepare and plot your course before you leave, or go on an adventure and advise once in front of the paths, free to choose!”

We go with our family!

This route is ideal for a family walk, it is an opportunity to have your children discover nature and the territory in a playful way thanks to the questions that will accompany you along this route. These questions will also help you to check that you are not lost, you never know. Be careful, you must answer the questions well, one of the answers will allow you to open a safe, hidden at the tourist office!

You will discover the small corners of nature hidden around Auffay, open your eyes well all along the route, you may be able to see wild animals.

My feedback!

Personally, I have created, tested and approved it!

I loved walking these paths through small groves in the middle of autumn, the little whispers of nature so pleasant to the ear, the sounds of footsteps in these beds of multicolored leaves, not to mention the songs of birds, a real treat for the eyes as well as for the ears. This walk is an opportunity to completely disconnect from the city and appreciate the natural wealth of our little corner of paradise, which is the countryside.

For those who wish to make this discovery walk in autumn or winter, I give you a little advice … Equip yourself with good shoes, me, I finished these 7 kms with my feet in the water so come equipped!

So, did you enjoy this walk?

If so I invite you to test our other hiking loops you will find some for every taste and ideal to do with the family!

See you soon on the Terroir de Caux!

Download the materials in PDF

Ready to go?

Download below the Azimuts booklet and the map! If you have a compass, you can go for a walk, if not, go to the Auffay reception desk to borrow one! And after your walk, don’t forget to come and see us to unlock the box and choose your gift!