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The loop of the poppies in Avremesnil

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Sportswoman and very active since I was a little girl, I have discovered for some time a passion and an infatuation for walking. Being originally from the Pays de Caux since always and living temporarily in La Gaillarde, I decided, accompanied by my mom, to go on one of my rest days to do the 10 kilometers loop, “Les Coquelicots”. It starts from Avremesnil, goes towards Gueures and passes by the Véloroute du Lin and a small part of the GR212.

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Loop n°13

The Poppies

We are fortunate to have a substantial number of hiking loops on the Terroir de Caux. It was thus the occasion to leave on a morning between mother and daughter, to the (re)discovery of our beaten paths!”

We chose the loop n°13 thanks to its proximity compared to our place of dwelling, to its accessibility as well as to its average length. We still left La Gaillarde on foot to join the route whose starting point is at the Church of Avremesnil. Despite everything, this added 7 kilometers to the loop initially planned for us!


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The season is also ideal to admire the magnificent hydrangeas along the houses (and sometimes a little burnt by the sun) as well as our beautiful agricultural landscapes: the linnen once pulled out are rolling with rain and sun, the barleys are beaten, the colza and wheat are being beaten, the corn is growing and finally, the beets are waiting for the rain to develop further…

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The hike starts in the parking lot in front of the Avremesnil village hall next to the church


Animals encountered along the way…

Besides, during this walk, we were lucky enough to spot a hare, a few wood pigeons, two partridges and a pheasant…. not to mention a runaway sheep and a few herds of cows!

After seeing the landscapes go by, we finally returned to our destination around 1:00 pm. Don’t worry, we didn’t get lost on the way, we stopped on the way back at my grandmother’s house, a resident of Avremesnil. It was the occasion to invigorate ourselves with a little juice after 14 kilometers of walking. It was without counting this stop which was fatal for us, or rather for my mother, who, once left, was in pain due to the blisters she had caught on her feet! Despite everything, we had a great time both.