Hiking in the wildernessHiking in the wilderness
©Hiking route passing through the valley of the Scie|Sma76 A.beauvois
MontignyLoop n°6 - 7 km

Our favorite hikes : Montigny

This family hiking loop is a real dive in the nature plain between forest and valley of the Scie!

Family itinerary par excellence

Practical Information
  • Route : 7 km
  • Duration : ≈ 1h45
  • Scapes encountered : Plain, woods, valley, river, fields
  • Tagging : Blue circles
  • Starting point : Cent-Acres town hall

One of the loops that I like very much in the area, it is Montigny at the beginning of the municipality of Cent-Acres! You will find a diversity of landscapes, and especially the calm in the middle of nature. It is a little known route, where you may not meet … almost nobody! It’s only 7km long, ideal for a family walk.


Follow me

Don’t do as I did, don’t look for the village church. Not having seen a steeple, the first time, I didn’t stop. And yes, it is there, in fact, there is just no church here. Park in the parking lot behind the town hall!”

At Les Cent-Acres, you immediately feel welcome even if “Y’ a pas un Cat”, as they say here! A well laid out parking lot, its shaded picnic table, a small brick town hall and well maintained walkways, it’s appreciable!

The starting totem pole is next to the town hall. There is only to follow the blue circles.

After having passed the few houses that populate this small village, we enter an undergrowth.
I met there some fly agaric that let themselves be photographed without any problem. But attention, not touch!

Your background

Shall we continue?

This small vegetal descent, leads us immediately into the Valley of the Saw. The landscape changes completely and the perspective expands.

A little further on, we cross the river which happens to be a river, and yes, since it flows into the sea at Pourville!”

We cross the railroad tracks and go up the hillside at the edge of the woods. This small path lined with hazelnut trees, lets us glimpse the meanders that weave their way below.

Again, we pass the railroad, the Saw, and we sink into the bois du Vieux Montigny. One takes its legs to its neck, it is necessary to go up on the plateau! Perhaps you will see like me at the exit of the wood a goat lounging in the field.

So, did you enjoy this walk?

I like to walk in spring but I advise you to do this loop at different times of the year. The atmosphere changes completely and it feels like you’ve never been there before!