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The creepy places of the Terroir de Caux

Halloween obliges, a little tour of our scary places!


Halloween is here, so I decided to scare you! Here are 5 creepy places in the Terroir de Caux. Turn off the lights, get out flashlights and candles and let’s go for a creepy slideshow!:

Nota bene: If most of these places are visible from the public space, it is still formally forbidden to enter private properties. And since this post is not intended to put you at risk, for your nighttime strolls, think about your safety gear!


The Wizards' Square


The name intrigues doesn’t it? So when you know that the name actually has a connection to the history of the place, a slight chill runs down your spine… Greuville is indeed the Land of Wizards as we say around here.

I’ll let you imagine why with a shudder and if you can’t take it anymore, I suggest you delve deeper into the subject in another post on this blog…which you’ll find here!


The ruins of Château Gauthier Giffard


Having crossed them at night during the first Oxfam Trailwalker in Dieppe, I can tell you that you can’t go far in the middle of medieval vestiges, even with your headlamp. One expects to see the ghost of Gauthier Giffard, companion of William the Conqueror, at any moment!


The forest of Eawy

Muchedent and surroundings

Those who didn’t freak out at The Blair Witch Project throw the first stone at me! Horror movies in the forest are guaranteed to thrill! Add to that the bellowing of the deer or the singing of the wolf as you approach Muchedent, and you’ve got a winning thrill combo!

If that scares you a little too much, try the “framed” woods of the tree climbing Arb’aventure of Denestanville and set out to conquer the peaks at night during the special Halloween evenings, disguised, of course, for the special evening organized for the occasion!


Clandestine enclosures


At the bend in Luneray and Gruchet-Saint-Siméon, you may be startled when you stumble upon a grouping of ancient tombstones… These are in fact Protestant enclosures dating back to the time of religious conflicts when Protestants had no right to burial. They paid tribute to their dead by burying them secretly in their properties… Haunted house atmosphere guaranteed in the streets of the village!


The Cross of Saint Apolline


The startle also comes over me quite often when I walk up the Sainte-Apolline cave in Ouville-la-Rivière and come face to face with this strange Cross of the same name. You see it leans to one side and has only one arm. It is said that it might have been originally an ancient menhir that was later Christianized… In addition, it is covered with ribbons of all colors. The belief is that by placing a ribbon on it, headaches and toothaches would disappear… Relating to the martyrdom of the Christian saint who had her jaw smashed and her teeth broken, with a pair of shears (an instrument with which she is in fact often represented in religious iconography). A little touch of gore very appropriate in view of the theme of this post, isn’t it?

And you, what are the places that scare you?