Quiberville hiking at low tideQuiberville hiking at low tide
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Between land and sea10 km

An unmissable hike from Quiberville

Unmarked, and for good reason, it can only be done at ebb tide, the 10 kilometers loop linking Quiberville to Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer is a classic to admire the immensity of the cliffs of the Alabaster coast and the charm of the seaside resorts of the Pays de Caux littoral. Follow the guide…

A change of scenery guaranteed!

Practical Information
  • Distance: 10 km
  • Time: ≈ 2.5 hours
  • Sceneryencountered: Plain, valley, fields, cliffs, beach
  • Markings : GR 21 (Red and white)
  • Start : Quiberville-sur-mer beach

A multitude of landscapes can be observed along this route: the beach of Quiberville, the chalk cliffs, the rocks and the sea, the cliffs from the heights, the green valleys of the Dun and the Saâne, the small hamlet of Flainville and the seaside villas of Quiber, …


3 itineraries to choose from

Before you even set out on your adventure, you have three options:

  • Take a round trip on the beach at low tide if the tide allows.
  • Leave Quiberville by the beach at low tide to Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer and return by the GR21.
  • Leave Quiberville by the GR21 to Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer and return by the beach at low tide.

Effectively depending on the tides, it is sometimes better to start by the GR21 part to return by the beach and vice versa!

Your background

I’ll take you?

Depending on the tide, you’ll start either on the beach or on the GR21!”

For the land part, you just have to follow the GR21 markers. For this, you will take the small street of the Church that goes up to the village. The red and white lines will lead you to the hamlet of Flainville, where you will find the little chapel Saint-Julien! You will then reach the beach of Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer by a path overlooking the Dun valley.

Arrived at the beach, after the blockhouse, turn right facing the sea to reach Quiberville by the sand.

And if you start by the beach in Quiberville, go the opposite way ;).

And if you start by the beach in Quiberville, go the opposite way 😉 !



A few safety measures must be respected in order to walk around in complete peace of mind:
  • 1) Check the tide schedule

    You can leave when the sea is going down and you have enough room on the beach to be far enough from the cliffs. FYI, the beach crossing is about 4km or an hour walk on average!

    • 2) Always stay well away from the cliffs.

      It is said that you have to multiply the size of the cliff by 1.5 and bring it to the ground to be safe. You’ll see for yourself that cliff falls are regular! Always stay on the sand and not on the pebbles!

    • 3) Wear good shoes!

      Sneakers, hiking boots will do!”

      Part of the course passes through rocks that can be slippery.

    • 4) Tell someone

      It is best to always tell someone when you go for a walk on the beach at low tide. You can never be too careful!

    So, did you enjoy this walk?

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