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©Stand-up Paddle at the Quiberville Sailing Club|Pierre Leboucher ©OTTC
I tested for you...

Stand-up Paddle in Quiberville!

I had the pleasure of being introduced to water sports by Éléonore, base manager during the summer season at the Quiberville Yachting Club.


So let’s set the scene, I don’t really have sea legs. And of all the team, I am clearly not the most sporty… But in order to tell you more about it when you come to ask us about the activities of the territory, the best is to have tested it yourself, so for you I put on the suit!


Stand-up Paddle

What is it?

Stand-up paddling (or SUP for the initiated) is a water sport that basically consists of paddling on a large board, surfboard style, with a paddle.

Small technical info:

There are two types of Stand-up Paddle boards, rigid or inflatable.

The rigid (made of resin-covered foam) are very similar to classic surfboards, and are to be preferred if you want to practice in surf mode or try speed. The ones you can rent at the Quiberville Yachting Club are inflatable models, but beware their design gives them all the rigidity needed to carry us, in fact we don’t even realize that this material is inflatable! It’s the ideal model for riding on the water, or fishing (yes, it’s possible).

I’ll take you along,…

Get up, Stand up…

First you start on your knees, that gives you time to get the hang of the paddle, and learn to steer yourself with it.

Once you’re comfortable on the board, you’ll just have to use a little flexibility to go from kneeling to standing. But I did it, so I’m sure you will too.

That’s where it gets tricky… Because you have to keep your balance on the board. And here we’re not going to lie, it gets more arduous.

But it opens up some great fun, right? 🙂

And again, eventually you get there pretty quickly. For me, after only two falls, I managed to go along the beach quietly, without drifting too much, and to get back on my knees to reach the shore. Not bad for a first time!

An activity to try!

The novice that I am enjoyed this experience! Sailing in front of an ever so impressive landscape, and this without having to undergo intensive and long training as I imagine for surfing, is a real pleasure. That said, if you can stand on a paddle, why don’t you try surfing (for a next one I tested for you…)?

And you, do you feel like it? Then don’t wait any longer, the Quiberville-sur-Mer Sailing Club opens its doors every summer. Take advantage of the two stand-up paddles for rent to try your hand at this fashionable sport (or wave, just for the pun).