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Holiday Meals :

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Before you put your feet under the table, you have to put your hands in the oven and choose good local products!
A holiday meal with local products makes all the difference! This year, it will be a meal made in Normandy.

From the appetizer, to the main course through dessert, not to mention the cheese and drinks, …

I choose

Local products,

For a 100% Terroir de Caux Christmas!

For the Christmas holidays, we put the small dishes in the big ones!
So why not take advantage of the superb quality products offered by our local producers?
You can find everything here, something to satisfy all taste buds, from foie gras to oysters, or the famous Christmas turkey.

Meat and Poultry

Meat or poultry, the farm producers of the Terroir de Caux will have what you need! If you prefer fish, don’t hesitate to contact the fishermen of Quiberville, they are rare at this time of year because of the weather conditions but they may still be present at the end of the year. If necessary, call Albâtre & Caux which works with the trawlers of Dieppe.

Focus on

Vegetables (and fruits!)

Vegetarians and Vegans, or those who want to eat in a more balanced way, we haven’t forgotten you! Our fruit and vegetable producers will know how to supply you to cook delicious dishes.


Do you have any space left?

Shall we move on to Cheese?

On Terroir de Caux, our official supplier is the Chèvrerie in Calleville-les-Deux-Églises! You will currently find them on the markets of Auffay and Sainte-Marguerite-sur-Mer!


Think also of the Petit Fumechon farm which will provide you with an excellent Rape Oil to accompany the salad! You can also try Cameline oil with vegetal notes of asparagus and almond that goes perfectly with fruits and vegetables.

And for bread, take an order at the Moulin de L’Arbalète in Saint-Maclou-de-Folleville, where Thibault Georges will be happy to bake beautiful products for you over a wood fire!

And for dessert?

If you bake like Mercotte, of course, head to Minoterie Capron, Ferme du Petit Fumechon or Moulin d’Agnès for the raw material, or even a pastry mix to make your job easier!

If you need jam, Au Péché Mignon will also offer you multiple flavors!

Sinon, on the Terroir de Caux several institutions await you: The Maison Renault in Auffay, the Maison Dufour in Luneray, the Boulangerie D. Corruble, the Les Délices d’Hortensepatisserie in Bacqueville-en-Caux and the maison Boivin store in Ouville-la-Rivière. The list is not exhaustive, and you are guaranteed flavors at all local bakers.

We were about to forget

the drink!

From cider to fruit juices of all kinds with the Ferme de Beaunay, through the cider brandy (the other name of Calva when like us we are not in the PDO area) to concoct the traditional Trou Normand from the Ferme de Bonnetot, that you embellish with a sorbet from the Ferme Follet (on sale at the Trois Portes farm in Luneray) which is a few kilometers from our place, there is also something to fill your glass in Terroir de Caux. In moderation of course, and without getting back behind the wheel, let’s be careful.

For the glass of milk to be placed near the tree for Santa’s attention, I suggest you let him discover the mare’s milk of the Haras de Rocquigny! Not to mention the bunch of carrots for the reindeer, you saw that we had quite a few market gardeners!

And for an unusual tasting, try the Kiwi wine from Le Petit Alcoolier! Terroir de Caux now also has its beer! The Ferme des Marronniers already known for its goat cheese has indeed launched this year into brewing. To be discovered!

What if I don't plan to cook?

For those of you who are planning to go out or have a professional prepare the food, there is still the restaurant or catering option! Our restaurant owners and caterers offer their holiday menus to order or by reservation.

It remains for me to wish you a good appetite, a very merry Christmas and a beautiful end-of-year celebrations!

And don’t worry, we’re preparing beautiful hikes for you to eliminate your holiday meals from the spring !!!!