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The 18 wine bar in Luneray

On the René Coty square in Luneray, the 18 is a wine bar like you see everywhere in town… But what makes this trendy place so charming is that Luneray is a big town surrounded by wheat fields and cows, where all the regulars know each other like in the country bistros (yes, because we are in the country here !).

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Seasonal at the Quiberville office in 2019 and 2020

Eva and Léo, a young couple under 25 years old, had a subtle and ambitious idea to set up such a bar in the center of Luneray. I think it gives a little youthfulness to the place.


Theme evenings

What I particularly appreciate are the numerous theme nights that are organized throughout the year and adapted according to the period. We had the right to a Halloween party, this winter to “a pyjama party”, “a ski party”. This summer, we had “the music festival” in June, “a barbecue party”, “a beach party” in July and also some concerts. So you can enjoy these beautiful summer evenings. And if you don’t have the opportunity to go there, it’s not a big deal, you can go to the next one! It is also that the 18, no fuss.

Just like the festivities, the menu of drinks, dishes and desserts is also updated according to the season.

A small hot wine during the end of year celebrations, a small cocktail (alcoholic or not) full of vitamins when the good weather comes back, without forgetting the small beers (Normandy of course) and of course wines, to be tasted throughout the year!

At first, I found that the 18 offered a rather limited menu BUT finally it is updated regularly and allows us to offer fresh and local products (what to introduce the local artisans)!

It is the opportunity to always try new things (and come back!). Right now the little summer salads can very well be accompanied by a pizza.

Without forgetting the most important: the dessert, a cup of seasonal fruit with its cottage cheese and muesli (and moreover it’s healthy!).

Don’t hesitate to go there, no matter what time of day it is, you’ll be made to feel welcome.

And as they say there,

“what happens at the 18th, stays at the 18th!”