All is Well Gueures ©z. Tirilly (4)All is Well Gueures ©z. Tirilly (4)
©All is Well Gueures ©z. Tirilly (4)

Want to get off the beaten track? Discover the Terroir de Caux from another angle! Our territory is full of unmissable nuggets but also more intimate and unexpected places. Welcome to an atypical Normandy in Terroir de Caux !


The Quiberville Elf

and its street

Nothing but the name of the street lends itself to questioning… Rue du Lutin. But who is this imp, where does he come from and why did he give his name to a street in Quiberville? In reality, he only looks like a leprechaun. It is only his pointed cap that gave him this name. Because this leprechaun is in fact a wooden statue attached to the wall of a property in the street of the same name. This wooden figure was found in the wreckage of a boat that ran aground under the cliffs of Ailly in the 19th century. Some say that it is the prow, but nothing is less sure given its rectilinear aspect. What does it represent? We’re not sure either…

But all indications are that with the bell and the kerchief on his face, this sculpture would represent a leper. We don’t really know much more about it, other than that the piece would have been salvaged by the owner of the house, once a cafe, which he named “To the Wooden Man.” The man became Lutin, and the street with him!


The Recyclery of Crosville-sur-Scie

Heritage and bargains

You like to hunt for rare objects, you have the soul of solidarity, and you like to visit the local heritage? The Recyclerie is made for you. Here Gaby has set up a very nice project, in an unusual place inherited from the industrial heritage of the valley of the Scie. At the Recyclerie, what impresses you as soon as you arrive are the premises. Formerly a woolen mill, they then housed an artist’s residence, as shown by the frescoes on the walls, and now a superbly arranged second-hand shop, whose objective is also the creation of employment, in order to restore the objects on sale. A place to see for its whole, and also to make some good deals!


Le Tout va Bien, in Gueures

a timeless setting

If you’re local, you probably know the Tout va Bien à Gueures, this little café located in front of the town hall, but have you ever pushed the doors? I invite you to do it urgently, to have a drink after a good hike, to taste a small brewery dish, and to discover a timeless place! Manu is passionate about mopeds and everything related to them. In his café, you will discover his collection which is really worth the detour!


Oh Croco, in Auffay

Toy store, but not only!

A toy store, yes but not only ! Another atypical place to discover in the Terroir de Caux. Oh Croco, you’ll find all the games and toys you’ve been dreaming of, for all ages, many children’s literary titles with new releases on a regular basis, and… a café, outdoor shows in the summer on the terrace, creative workshops! A space for exchanges and meetings beyond the store, which will delight children and adults alike, and where you will love to come back!


The Ponds Brewery

a madeleine of Proust

There are places out of time that we like to find to settle down… The Brasserie des Etangs in Saint-Germain d’Étables is one of them. And I’m not the only one to think so, since authors Philibert Humm and Pierre Adrian have included this local institution in their guide La Micheline published by Editions de l’Équateur, a selection of good addresses gleaned from their tour of France’s bars.

At the ponds first it’s the decor that seduces, with its old record sleeves, and these 45s as trivets. Then place to the tasting of the good of small dishes brasserie as we like them. A madeleine of Proust to be tasted without moderation. And if you are wise, maybe the boss will pass you some records from his turntable…


Dream of the Bisons

Canadian immersion

A top unusual on the Terroir de Caux without Rêve de Bisons would not be complete so I obviously conclude with the unusual nugget of the territory! If you don’t know this place, you absolutely must go there! If only for the total change of scenery guaranteed by the wide open spaces of Muchedent! Beyond the Canadian immersion guaranteed by the visit of the bison and deer farm or the wolf temple, you can immerse yourself in the trapper atmosphere for a whole stay by renting a teepee or a teepee-hotel, by tasting the Canadian specialties of the restaurant, or by going down the river in a kayak. A favorite is the theme evenings of deer slabbing, wolf night or country evenings in the off-season.

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The grotto of Lourdes...

in Auffay !

After the apparitions of Lourdes, many replicas of the cave are made throughout the world. In France, more than 765 sites, and 321 copies of the cave in the rest of the world, have been listed! And this is not exhaustive! The apparitions of Lourdes are Marian apparitions (supernatural phenomena relating specifically to a vision of the Virgin Mary) manifested in 1858 to a fourteen year old girl, Bernadette Soubirous. The first pilgrimages to the grotto led the faithful to build small devotional places in their communities. These replicas allowed them to pray regularly to the Immaculate Conception and to feel symbolically closer to the place of the apparitions. Before the restoration of the Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame D’Auffay, one could see in the northwest corner, to the right of the old entrance portal, the reproduction of this grotto which was installed there at the end of the 19th or at the very beginning of the 20th century. It hid the oldest part of the building dating from the 11th century. When it was moved outside the Collegiate Church in 1947, it also revealed a magnificent stained glass window representing the city’s coat of arms. The grotto of Lourdes was rebuilt next to the presbytery where it is still present today.