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Meeting Flaubert

The time of a hike from Vassonville, (re)immerse yourself in the novel Madame Bovary and in the footsteps of Gustave Flaubert, who planted between Tôtes and Auffay the setting for the first part of his famous novel. Listen to the passages of the novel thanks to the audio tracks and follow the echoes of the novel to the territory through the interpretation panels!

A sound and literary walk

From Vassonville

During this hike, on the loop number 2 of the Terroir de Caux hikes map, called the Crossbow and the Bosmelet starting from the church of Vassonville, follow a route equipped with 6 interpretation panels and immerse yourself in the universe of Gustave Flaubert, and more particularly in the first part of the novel Madame Bovary which takes place on the territory! 

Audio tracks

To accompany you, these audio tracks will immerse you in the excerpts of the novel read and commented by the association Le Lire et Le Dire. Listen to them online from the player below or download the tracks in MP3 format to listen to them offline during your walk! You don’t have the equipment to read the audio tracks? MP3 players are available for loan at the Auffay-Val-de-Scie Tourist Office, located at 21 place du Général de Gaulle near Vassonville. Reserve yours by calling 02 35 34 13 26 or by using the bubble at the bottom right of your screen!


The course

The starting totem pole for this loop is in front of the Vassonville church, 1 route de la Scie.

12.5 km, approximately 3 hours of walking

The route is marked in blue.

See the Loop

Not to be missed in the vicinity!

During your hike, feel free to take a few detours to visit the loop’s iconic sites! At Ordemare, exit the loop to walk along the GR210, the famous tidepool trail to the Moulin de l’Arbalète. At Auffay, drive around the Bosmelet castle to the entrance of the site to visit the Alain Germain collections, as well as the castle park.

The Arbalet Mill

The Bosmelet Castle

From Vassonville to Auffay-Val-de-Scie the Flaubert Trail immerses you in the first part of the novel Madame Bovary. Continue your visit with a stop in the town of Tôtes, where the setting for part of the novel is set! You will be able to discover in particular the Auberge du Cygne, a place frequented by Flaubert but also by his friend Guy de Maupassant, who himself set the action of his short story Boule de Suif, in this mythical place!

Learn more about the Auberge du Cygne