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Land of Flax

With Normandy as the first region producing fibre flax in Europe, it is in our Pays de Caux that most of the production is concentrated.

Let's be blue in the face!

June, the month of flax

Sown in March or April, flax emerges in May, shimmering green. June is the month of flax: its small blue flowers will only be visible for two weeks before closing to make way for small capsules from which the seeds will be extracted. Later in the summer, the seeds will be pulled out and then retted to facilitate the separation of the flax fibers! On the Terroir de Caux you will be able to explore all the facets of the little blue flower, stroll along the Véloroute du Lin in the middle of the fields whose colors vary from bright green to yellow through this blue so characteristic of the flower, and support the flax industry which is gradually relocating in Pays de Caux, by buying quality, eco-responsible and local products!


The Ronchay Weaving

The Tissage du Ronchay in Luneray has restarted linen weaving in 2020 after a ten-year halt following the industrial crisis of the French textile industry in the face of Asian competition. A great pride for the family business created in 1845 that relaunches a unique production in Normandy!

The Terroir de Caux tourist office store offers linen bags and pouches from the Ronchay weaving. The trendy and eco-responsible souvenir 100% Pays de Caux to bring back from your vacations!

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Embrin Lin

At Ambrumesnil, Camille and Alexis Ménager grow linen on the family farm where they have created their own brand: Embrin. A range of bed linen, home linen, and decoration made in France from linen grown in Normandy and from an eco-responsible sector. You will discover the showroom, the workshop and a scenographic space on the linen industry. A place not to be missed on the Terroir de Caux!

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At Belmesnil, the Toutlin boutique offers fabric by the meter and linen products made in Normandy on the property where you can also enjoy a charming Guest House!

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Staying at the Guest House

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