Bacqueville-en-Caux seen from aboveBacqueville-en-Caux seen from above
©The roofs of the city and the market place|@A.Adam


When you arrive in Bacqueville en Caux, on the 18th century Grand’ Place where the Wednesday morning market was held in the Middle Ages and is still held today, you will discover a traditional village and its shops. But as you stroll through the streets of Bacqueville, you will discover a completely different atmosphere, from medieval epics to nature trails opening onto the Cauchoise countryside.


A bit of history...

The name Bacqueville appears in 1055, from the name of the first attested lord of the place, “Bassac”, which will give Bacqueville in the 18th century. The qualifier “la Martel” was then added to it in reference to the seigneurial family that commanded its destiny for nearly 600 years, to be replaced in 1920 by the term en Caux, emphasizing the belonging to the Pays de Caux.

The commune is composed of two distinct parts, commonly called Bacqueville le haut and bas de Bacqueville. The top of Bacqueville is the part located on the edge of the plateau, where the town hall built under the July Monarchy is enthroned, with its vast market square that culminates at 105 meters above sea level.

Focus on

Saint Peter's Church

Down by the stairs from the square behind the town hall, it is the lower part of Bacqueville that invites you to enter the atmosphere of its great era, that of the knights. The massive church of St. Pierre preserves defensive aspects of the Middle Ages in the image of the lords who reigned over the place.

Hiking in Bacqueville-en-Caux

Two marked walking loops are waiting for you in Bacqueville-en-Caux, Les Mesnils (loop n°24, marked in green) and the Bas de Bacqueville (loop n°17, marked in pink) as well as a cycling tour on road, the Circuit de la Vienne (28 km, marked in green).