The church of LonguevilleThe church of Longueville
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Cauchois village

A rich medieval past surrounds this village with mystery. Nestled in the valley of the Scie, the ruins of a medieval castle still stand on the heights.

A medieval past

It was Gauthier Giffard, a companion of William the Conqueror at the battle of Hastings, who became the protector of this region in the 11th century. He had a priory and a feudal castle built there, which was to occupy a strategic place and make the town a first-rate economic location.

The fiefdom, which became a County, was later transformed into a Duchy linked to the Orleans family.

From the priory, only a few remains remain, as for the castle, its ruins are still visible today.

A commercial and craft activity

At Longueville-sur-Scie, there is also a market every Sunday morning!

The market is growing every year, making it a must-see place to shop for the next week!

In the village, there are also two iconic artisans, perhaps an echo of a once medieval activity, a knife maker and a potter!!

Pottery workshop is located in a very old house, called Maison Henry IV, while the knifemaking workshop is located across from the train station right next to the old boys’ school.


Focus on

Nicolas Lecompte

Art Cutler

RAVEN Blacksmith Gallery

That’s the name Nicolas Lecomte cutlery blacksmith gave to his Atelier boutique.
He offers his knives, roses and other jewelry forged on site.

“From an experience of more than 20 years in the field of locksmithing and welding, in industrial cutlery, I am passionate about this profession, but especially by the forge, today find all the love of my passion in my unique achievements, entirely handmade.”

Nicolas Lecompte
Nicolas Lecompte, Art cutler
Nicolas Lecompte, Art cutler
Nicolas Lecomte RAVEN Blacksmith Gallery
Flagship event:

The Medieval Festival of Longueville

Les Médiévales de Longueville sur Scie 2022
Les Médiévales de Longueville sur Scie 2022
Les Médiévales de Longueville sur Scie 2022

A festival much appreciated by locals and tourists passing through!

The opportunity to cross the centuries and be transported to the Middle Ages, within the castle Gauthier Giffard.

Equestrian show, medieval village, fireworks show, workshop for children, … there is everything to spend a pleasant moment!.


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