Hikers church Val-de-SaâneHikers church Val-de-Saâne
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A green vacation resort, Val-de-Saâne welcomes you with its range of hiking trails, leisure activities and the charm of its rural heritage!


A new commune before its time

The first traces of the village date back to the Gallo-Roman era.

The Saâne valley was then developed by a road linking Brittany to the maritime areas of northern Gaul.

During the Renaissance, the small village and its surroundings had to face some tragedies: an epidemic of the Black Death, and then a fire in 1740 that destroyed a large part of the village.

It was in the early 1960s that the commune of Val-de-Saâne as we know it came into being, with the decision to unite 4 communes of the Saâne valley (Anglesqueville sur Saâne, Eurville, Thiédeville and Varvannes) due to the depopulation of the villages. A new commune before its time! It is the historian Jehan le Povremoyne who will find the name Val-de-Saâne.

Green Station

Since this merger the village has continued to develop, until it was awarded the label Station Verte de Vacances in 1999 thanks to its commitment to ecotourism and the development of its leisure facilities such as the swimming pool and hiking trails.

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Flora, the mascot of the Green Resorts, came to visit us in Val-de-Saâne, check out the postcard of her visit!

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Discover Val-de-Saâne with your family!

Discovery rally

Are you passionate about visiting? Do you like to discover while having fun? This rally will please you. It links visit and fun! Sarah, intern at the tourist office in March 2021 has imagined and designed this printable rally to visit the commune with your family.

Our faithful Roco the rooster, will accompany you during this rally and he will be there to help you. When you have your little booklet in hand, you can start to discover it and follow the circuit and answer the first questions that are general. Be careful not to forget any questions when you are there! And also be careful with the vehicles on the road! Download the answers when you get back and find out what an insider you are about Val-de-Saâne!

Don’t forget the Val-de-Saâne on foot leaflet that will help you! I hope you like this idea of a rally! Don’t hesitate to send your opinions to the Tourist Office!

Departure of the hiking routesDeparture of the hiking routes
©3 hiking/biking itineraries and one cycling itinerary start from the village square