Dream of the BisonsDream of the Bisons
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Dream of the Bisons

Muchedent Canadian Park

The most important Canadian bison farm in Europe welcomes you for an immersion in Cow-Boy mode, from its restaurant with a Country decor, its visit of the farm on board of military 4×4 to observe closely bison and deer, and to learn everything about these impressive animals, to its atypical nights in a Tipi-Camping, or in comfort in the Tipi-Hotels. Welcome to Muchedent Canadian Park!

Bison and deer

Discover the great Canadian spaces… in Normandy! Aboard military 4x4s, you will travel through the farm in the company of your guide, who will teach you all about this mythical animal on a majestic site overlooking the Varenne valley and bordering the Eawy forest. You will then observe the herds of deer that also inhabit the park.

The temple of the wolves

At the Temple of the Wolves, a guided walking tour awaits you, to discover the packs that inhabit the park. A fascinating animal that will no longer hold any secrets for you thanks to the comments of your guide!


Rêve de Bisons is also a nautical base which proposes Indian descents of the Varenne in canoe! A quiet river descent accessible from 7 years old and accompanied by a qualified instructor. At the end of the trip, the park will provide you with bicycles to reach your starting point by the quiet roads along the Varenne.

Theme evenings

And Canadian restaurant

Muchedent Canadian Park offers homemade Canadian cuisine in its 300-seat restaurant. Taste charcuterie and bison meat from the farm and typical North American dishes during your visit or a themed evening offered at the park!

You can indeed learn to dance with the country evenings, listen to the song of the wolves on the occasion of the wolves’ nocturnal, or even the deer’s slab in the fall during dedicated evenings!!

Stay at the park

In a camping tipi or hotel tipi

Worried about not being able to do everything in one day? Stay at the park! Choose the backpacker option in a camping teepee or the comfort option in a hotel teepee for total immersion!

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