Marais De LongueilMarais De Longueil
©Marais De Longueil|Pierre Leboucher
Our 5 instagram spots

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Discover the Terroir de Caux from a different perspective!
After spending two months on the Terroir de Caux, we found you some places to immortalize and share, especially on Instagram*.


The blue loop of Quiberville

a memory box

This 5-kilometer loop is full of spots, each one prettier than the last. In fact, this is where you can combine nature and technology by taking splendid photos in small hidden spots that are just waiting to be brought to light.



The Recyclery of Crosville-sur-Scie

join the vintage to the modern era

This time, it is in a vintage universe that we suggest you go. The Recyclerie de Crosville-sur-Scie is the perfect place to find grainy photos, rediscover polaroids, soak up an artistic place. If you are looking for an atmosphere, a universe for your Instagram photos, this is The Place To Be.

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Couture Water Gardens

French charm in the heart of the Terroir de Caux

If you want to add a historical and French touch to your feed*, the Château d’Imbleville is the place to go. A little tip: for a nice picture of the castle’s old facade, it’s best to capture the moment in the late morning. Concerning the gardens, it is in the late afternoon that the sky lends itself the most. With a bit of luck, the swans will be in the game!


The marsh of Longueil

A touch of romance...

If you have a sporty and romantic soul, you can combine the two by taking the pink Quiberville loop that will lead you to the Marais de Longueil. This marsh will allow you to bring out the Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy* in you!



The corners of Narcissus

flower markets and fields throughout the seasons

During a bucolic getaway in the Terroir de Caux, it will be possible for you to capture the poetry of flowers. Whether they are flowers of the fields, wild flowers or ready to put in your living room, these flowers will be your best ally for a successful Instagram photo*. What to put a touch of color in your feed*!

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To your smartphones

Here are our favorite spots.
Now all you have to do is pull out your phone or camera!
And feel free to share it with the hashtag #terroirdecaux!