Christmas giftChristmas gift
©Christmas gift|Bob Dmyt de Pixabay

Responsible gifts,

You name it, we've got it!

Being careful with our consumption is essential. In these times of celebrations, the purchases are numerous. Let’s give preference to eco-responsible gifts!

Intangible gifts are preferred:

A meal at a local restaurant is always a treat, plus it’s the perfect opportunity to share moments with others.

An immersive day at Rêves de Bisons Park, ideal for spending a day away from it all

A massage or a treatment in Bacqueville, Quiberville, Val-de-Scie or Luneray
Yoga sessions at Bulles in Brachy or elsewhere

A painting class with Veronica Canzanella, pottery with Anne Gosselin or Raku with Alain Triballeau



“Internships, weekends, activities, skills to discover, we try new experiences to make memories!”

You are looking for

A rather sporty activity?

An electric scooter session with Wolftrott
A membership to the Val-de-Saâne pool
A fishing pass for the next season on sale at our offices in Quiberville and Auffay

A family afternoon of tree climbing at Arbventure, to satisfy young and old
A horseback riding lesson or another activity


and the list goes on. . .

Material gifts yes!

But second hand, locally created or homemade,

it's even better!

Decorations, clothing, furniture, books, … there’s something for everyone:

  • Clothes and accessories second-hand at LABoutique de Val-de-Saâne, and at Auffay’stival des prix
  • Upcycled materials for a second life at Carré rouge couture
  • Decor, furniture, dishes, books and many other things are to be found in our flea markets
  • Local creations made by passionate craftsmen (section savoir-make)
  • Local products on sale in our stores in Auffay and Quiberville and in delicatessens

If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, then take a look at the online platforms for selling between individuals, there are plenty of things for sale near you!

And what about the gift wrapping?

We’d prefer a cute fabric bag, the famous St. Nicholas socks/boots or a large burlap hood that can be personalized and reused every year. If you have fabric scraps, use them to create a beautiful wrap!

This technique has a name: the “Furokishi”, it is a method of folding and knotting fabrics to wrap gifts that comes to us from Japan! Here is a beautiful example in photo proposed by Embrin in Ambrumesnil for your Christmas shopping in their store!

Now it’s your choice!