Luneray's market stallLuneray's market stall
©Market stall on the Luneray market|Pierre Leboucher

The markets

Come and taste our local products and meet their producers on the local markets! All the flavors of Normandy await you on our stalls!

Our local markets

welcome you !

At Auffay, the center of the new commune of Val-de-Scie, it is on Friday mornings that the vast square comes alive for the weekly market. Take the opportunity to visit us at our tourist information office located in front of the massive Notre-Dame Collegiate Church!

ABacqueville-en-Caux, the vast square in the town center surrounded by shops welcomes hermarket on Wednesday morning, as it is here the tradition since the Middle Ages.

Here is the weekly program of our country markets:

  • ABois-Robert, on Tuesday from 4:30 to 7pm
  • A Tôtes, on Wednesday mornings
  • A Bacqueville-en-Caux, on Wednesday mornings
  • A Avremesnil, on Thursdays from 3pm to 7pm, with animations in the summer!
  • A Val-de-Saâne, on Saturday mornings
  • A Longueville-sur-Scie, on Sunday mornings
  • A Luneray, on Sunday mornings

Perhaps the most famous of our markets remains that of Luneray…

Focus on

The market of Luneray

You will find every Sunday morning in Luneray one of the most typical and popular markets of the region, and this since the 19th century. The opportunity to discover the producers and their local products in the main street and around the old grain market which now houses the town hall, in the heart of a dynamic and commercial town. The opportunity to discover the town with our Luneray on foot brochure!

Luneray on foot brochure

The fish market

In Quiberville-sur-Mer

Don’t miss in season the Quiberville fish market where the three stalls of local fishermen await you for stall sales as soon as the weather and tide allow.

The Quiberville fishermen are present from March to November, depending on the weather and outside of the high tide days. We recommend checking their Facebook pages for real-time arrivals.

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