Saint-Mards-en-Fete-2018Soapbox races
©Soapbox races|© Zoe Tirilly

I tested for you : Saint-Mards en fête

I propose to take you, as I regularly take my children, on a flagship event of the territory, Saint-Mards en fête. Also called Saint-Médard’s Day, the patron saint of this village in the Vienne Valley, it is the traditional patron saint’s day, modernized since a few years by the festival committee. An unmissable event for the locals, and a nice surprise for the visitors!


Games, animations

and local currency!

A lot of animations are indeed proposed for this festive day. Pony rides, inflatable structure, majorettes, quads and a concert in the evening around the grilled pig proposed on the food stand.

For access to the activities, the system is very nice: you pay a few euros against a local currency created for the occasion, the Medard, and which allows you to pay for your snacks, drinks at the refreshment stand and activities for children such as the inflatable structure or pony rides provided by the stables of Grace of Saint-Pierre-Bénouville.

Soap boxes

But the biggest success of the day is of course the traditional soapbox race, the favorite moment of the children! The competitors all more inventive than the others for the creation of their car take off from the top of the hill to cross the finish line under the encouragement of the crowd, which was numerous that day under the Normandy sun. We quickly got into the game and the children asked for more! Of course the admiration of the vehicles is possible after the races, it was even for us a must!”

The field is arranged for the occasion with large tents along the D76 from where the cars descend, gives a friendly space on a human scale where good humor and good atmosphere reign. Ideal for a beautiful family day, which will extend around the country meal and entertainment offered in the evening.

In short, we liked it!

So if you want to spend a nice time that will delight young and old, in the heart of a village festival as we do not make enough, go to Saint-Mards in early June to discover Saint-Mards en Fête and its soap boxes!