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A desire to bargain ?

Brocantes and yard sales, another way to consume.

Before buying new, think about second-hand furniture and objects!
Beautiful finds at low prices are to be found in the flea markets of the territory in Crosville-sur-Scie, Longueil and Saint-Victor-L’Abbaye!

Sometimes a simple clean or a touch of paint is all it takes to give new life to a piece of furniture that is just waiting to find a home.

Flea markets in the area

How to combine business with pleasure

A flea market or a fair for everything, it is the ideal opportunity to walk around, see beautiful objects, meet people, discuss and fall on the rare pearl or the deal of the century.

Some people get up at the crack of dawn so they don’t miss anything, others just come to walk around and maybe who knows crack on an object.


Sometimes we tell ourselves we’re going just to look, but at the bottom of the purse we know there are a few coins just in case! 🤫

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My latest finds

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Any upcoming fairs?

Your turn to make great deals!

Find the dates that have been given to us in the calendar or yard sale tab:

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