Fishing on foot QuibervilleFishing on foot Quiberville
©Fishing at low tide in Quiberville|A. Pélerin

I'll take you to the bouquets!

In Quiberville, as on all the beaches of Normandy, fishing on foot is always a question of tides!

Have you ever tried fishing on foot?


We leave for a fishing with the lannets as we say here! It is more commonly a kind of landing net with a long handle. It slips easily under the rocks.


In this case, with lannets, it’s more like fishing for clumps than shrimp!”
To fish for shrimp, ideally, you should go for the “pusher”!

But you’re going to tell me what the difference is between a gray shrimp and a bouquet? Don’t go by the color, while the bouquet differs from the gray shrimp by being called pink shrimp, it’s only after cooking that you’ll see that color…

On the other hand if you look into their eyes, you’ll see that the bouquet’s eyes are more spread out.

You’ll find the gray shrimp in sandy areas, while the bouquet hides more easily in the rocks.

>That’s why the ebb tide is good for its fishing, since it causes it to become trapped in the pools that form in the rocks at low tide).

If you want to try your hand at lantern fishing, favor the high tides. The sea retreats much farther and reveals beautiful rocks that are inaccessible the rest of the time.

Follow me

Our favorite spot is on the western part of Quiberville beach. With all our gear, we walk down the pebbles to the sand and head for Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer.

To get our bearings we name the rocks. Usually, we walk to the seal-shaped rock and start our fishing.

We also find the treasure chest, the mountain, and many other rocks with the strangest shapes.

Small tips

For those stinkers who don’t want to put their hand in the net when there’s a small curry or livebait snuck in, take a clothespin to retrieve the clumps before releasing the rest!

If you don’t have a ruler, use a pencil to mark the minimum catch length of the bunch on your index finger or anything else.

Fisherman’s Tip: Some people put leftover crabs or fish in their nets to attract shrimp, I attach a piece of reflective fabric cut from an old yellow vest!

If you’re not comfortable, take advantage of a coastal tour with the Seine-Maritime Department’s nature outings in Quiberville before you set out to get a closer look at the seaside wildlife!

Access the nature outings program


Ready to break out the lannets?

Don’t hesitate to visit us at the tourist office for further advice before your fishing trip!

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